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Pinterest Marketing 101: Basics for Business in 2020

Pinterest Marketing 101: Basics for Business in 2020

Many people recognise Pinterest as a cool photography database, but it’s much more than that. If you are a business owner, you should start to think about Pinterest marketing in your growth and social media strategy.

It’s still less popular than Facebook and Instagram, so you can reach more users without paying a penny. Pinterest is a visual search engine in which you can acquire traffic to your website. If you get more curious right now, let’s briefly explain who can get benefit from Pinterest marketing and what are the basics you should learn.

Why Pinterest for Business?

First, you should analyse whether Pinterest fit your needs or not because most of the Pinterest users are female. So if your target group is only men, maybe it’s not the right platform for you, otherwise, you are in the right place! Pinterest claims that:

“85% of women told us they use Pinterest to plan small or big life moments, compared with Facebook 53% and Instagram 44%.”

They are calling them The Deciders. It shows there is huge buyer intent, which can help your business to grow with Pinterest marketing. 

Pinterest Marketing vs. Instagram

More people are familiar with Instagram, so the first question mark for Pinterest is what’s the difference with Instagram. Both of them visual-centric social media networks. The difference is user intent and why people are using these channels. Understanding the contrast between two platforms help you to create a Pinterest marketing strategy more efficiently.  

Users are not log in their Pinterest account to like their friends’ pictures. It’s more about getting inspiration. It can be for a food recipe or DIY treehouse; there is a wide range of the spectrum. The keyword is “inspiration.” If you have the right message, your target audience waits for you there, and they are already ready to be motivated.

SEO for Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest differentiates itself from most of the social networks. Ads cost less than many other platforms, but the real potential of Pinterest marketing lies in organic reach. Even it’s not right to call it a social network. It’s more similar to Google, in which users search only visuals in the platform. So if you want to play that game, you should optimise your pins for queries. There is no one-size-fits-all rule for it, but the basics of search engine optimisation work in Pinterest too. Ranking factors are more relevant to social shares and engagement. So you need spectacular images to make a difference with the Pinterest marketing strategy.

There is no technical SEO except the optimal aspect ratio of your pins. Pinterest embraces vertical images more. (Optimum: 600 px wide by 900 px high) 

Descriptions need to be well-written and comprehensive. It increases your chance of getting more visibility for your pins. The only disadvantage is every search engine optimisation needs time. For quick wins, brands need to spend some money on ads. 

How much Pinterest Ads Cost in 2019

There are many different types of advertising models on Pinterest. If we explain the CPC model, every country has different bid floors. For example it’s 0,10$ for US and 0,07£ for UK. Pinterest shared the minimum bids for each campaign type for every country. 

marketingpinterestcreative agencysocial marketing

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